6 inch Genoise Sponge CakeI love this genoise sponge cake recipe. It’s easy, versatile and you can make hundreds of different cakes with this base. This is a classic European sponge cake (aka Genoise).
Black Forest CakeBlack Forest Cake is a fluffy chocolate sponge cake with a delicious cherry filling and whipped cream as the layers. A flavorful and beautiful German dessert!
Chocolate Lava CakesChocolate Lava Cake perfect for a valentine dinner date or a simple Christmas celebration. This recipe with its rich molten chocolate in the center! The best thing is, it gets ready in less than 30 minutes, this decadent dessert is sure to impress your loved one and also perfect for any occasion. All you need are a handful of simple ingredients, and you’ll have this rich and fudgy chocolate treat in no time.
Halloween Cup CakePumpkins, Bats, Owls, Spider Web. Green Orange and Purple. These are the easy and fun cupcakes to make at home for this fun festival!
Japanese Fluffy Swiss RollThe swiss roll with full of cream and refreshing fruits. This swiss roll doesn't require pre-rolling. It is moist and flexible. With the perfect temperature you will have a perfectly smooth cake surface.