Creme PatissiersWithout watching over the stove, Thermomix will cook the custard with the perfect temperature!
Fluffy Banana Pancake with BerriesExtremely fluffy banana pancake is just perfect for your breakfast! With or without Thermomix it's super easy. You can absolutely whip it up by hand if you don't own a Thermomix *winks*
Halloween Cup CakePumpkins, Bats, Owls, Spider Web. Green Orange and Purple. These are the easy and fun cupcakes to make at home for this fun festival!
Matcha Nama ChocolateMade with white chocolate, butter and cream, dusted with Japanese Matcha powder. This is Green Tea Chocolate a.k.a Matcha Nama Chocolate. The truffle-like texture and with the right amount of sweetness simply irresistible.
Osmanthus Goji Berry Jelly 桂花枸杞糕Osmanthus jelly is called "Gui Hua Gao" 桂花糕 in Chinese. This jelly filled with dried sweet Osmanthus flowers, with the infusion of Osmanthus, it has an attractive golden colour, crystalline texture and nice translucent. This make it a cooling and soothing dessert.
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