Korean Japchae (Stir-fried Glass Noodles with Beef)Delicious Korean Japchae recipe with sweet potato glass noodles, marinated beef, and stir-fried vegetables. Enjoy the savory flavors of this classic dish that combines chewy noodles, tender beef, and vibrant vegetables.
Korean Cheese Corn DogThis Korean corn dog recipe is a copycat of Korean corn dog and Korean mozzarella dogs from Korean street food. The corn dogs are coated in a yeast batter with panko and fried till golden brown. Paired with cheesy, stretchy mozzarella, Korean corn dog is like the perfect mesh between a corn dog and mozzarella stick!
Korean Cream Cheese Garlic BunsWith a crunchy outer layer, while the insides is creamy and soft. It's filled with a lightly sweetened cream cheese filling and loaded with good amount of garlic flavor on top!
Korean Mochi BreadKorean Mochi Bread is crispy on the outside and chewy and airy on the inside just like the Taiwanese Sweet potato balls, but without deep frying. They are also named dinosaur eggs (by the way they looked, aren't they just looked like an egg?)