[Air Fryer] Crispy Seafood TofuThis Crispy Seafood Tofu combines the delicate flavors of mackerel, prawn, and egg tofu, creating a delectable appetizer or side dish. Perfectly steamed and then air-fried or pan-fried, these bite-sized delights are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making them an irresistible treat. Serve with sweet chili or mayonnaise sauce for a delightful dip.
Easy Stir Fried Mee HoonQuick and flavorful stir-fried mee hoon made effortlessly with Thermomix®. This delicious dish features soft rice vermicelli noodles cooked with chicken, prawns, and a medley of vegetables. Seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and fish sauce, it's a satisfying and convenient meal ready in no time. Garnish with your favorite toppings and enjoy!
Stir Fried Cabbage with Glass Noodles 包菜炒粉丝Stir Fried Cabbage with Glass Noodles offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors. It's a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other Chinese dishes as part of a larger meal. Adjust the seasoning according to personal preference, and enjoy this comforting and satisfying dish!
Stir Fried Broccoli with CarrotStir-fried Broccoli with Carrot is a delicious and nutritious dish that can be prepared quickly and easily using your Thermomix. This recipe combines fresh broccoli and carrots with aromatic garlic and savory seasonings to create a flavorful side dish or main course. With the Thermomix's precision and efficiency, you'll have this vibrant and colorful stir-fry ready to serve in no time.
Tomato Egg Drop SoupTomato Egg Drop Soup is a simple and comforting dish made by combining tomatoes, eggs, and various seasonings in a broth base. This soup is popular in Chinese cuisine and is known for its light yet flavorful taste, making it a favorite choice for a quick and satisfying meal.
Baby-friendly Cheesy Sardines and Sweetcorn Pasta SaladBaby-friendly Cheesy Sardines and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad is a wholesome and flavorful dish designed to appeal to both babies and adults. It combines the rich taste of cheddar cheese and sardines with the sweetness of sweetcorn in a creamy pasta salad.
Buttermilk ChickenThis buttermilk chicken is everyone's favorite, perfect with a bowl of rice. With Thermomix it is super duper easy *handsfree*