Rice & Grains

Nyonya Glutinuos Rice Dumplings (Nyonya Zhang)A sweet and savoury rice dumpling with a distinct patch of blue from the blue pea flower. Nyonya Zhang is different from the others dumpling, it has an unique flavour from the combinations of candied winter melon and coriander powder used to make the filling.
Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice and Corn on CobWhenever the takeaway menus are calling, this quick and tasty peanut chicken combo always on my mind. Steamed chicken and veggies are served in a creamy peanut sauce along with the fragrant coconut rice - a quick and easy lunch option or dinner using thermomix 3 layers cooking!
Quick QuinoaWhy cook quinoa on the stove when you can cook it in Thermomix in just 15 mins without watching?
Salmon DonburiSalmon Donburi. A bowl of rice top with salmon and eggs, drizzled with some sweet or savoury soy sauce paste. So easy, so delicious.
Thermomix Low GI RiceThe cooking time and temperature will be defined by Thermomix®. The rice is cooked in a precise and gentle way so that you can rely on a good result every time. The TM6 Rice Cooker mode also cooks other grains, apart from rice, such as millet or bulgur wheat.