German Red Cabbage (Rotkohl)German Red Cabbage, or "Rotkohl" in German, is a classic side dish that combines the earthy sweetness of red cabbage with a harmonious blend of spices and aromatics. This dish is traditionally braised with ingredients like apples, onions, vinegar, and a hint of sugar to create a delicious, slightly tangy, and slightly sweet accompaniment to a wide range of German meals. The vibrant purple-red color of the cabbage adds visual appeal to the plate, making it a delightful addition to any recipe that calls for a flavorful and colorful side dish.
Steamed Egg Plant with Soy SauceSteamed Eggplant with Soy Sauce is a simple yet flavorful dish that highlights the natural sweetness and tender texture of eggplant while complementing it with savory soy sauce.
Stir Fried Tomato with EggStir-Fried Tomato with Egg is a classic and comforting dish that combines the natural sweetness of ripe tomatoes with the fluffy texture of scrambled eggs. This quick and easy recipe creates a harmonious balance of flavors, making it a popular choice for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner. Enjoy the vibrant colors and delightful taste as the tomatoes soften and release their juices, while the eggs provide a creamy and protein-rich element. Indulge in this satisfying dish that pairs well with steamed rice or crusty bread for a complete and satisfying meal.
Trio Eggs Spinach Soup 三色蛋苋菜This a very popular dish in Chinese restaurant. It is very delicious and healthy, the different eggs used in the dish gives it a lot of different flavours! You can taste the unique taste of the century egg, saltiness of the salted egg with the bites of the soft yet chewable spinach together with the touch of the silky eggs!