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Nyonya Glutinuos Rice Dumplings (Nyonya Zhang)

Nyonya Zhang is different from the others dumpling, it has an unique flavour from the combinations of candied winter melon and coriander powder that used to make the filling. It is a nice combination of sweet and savoury rice dumpling with a distinct patch of blue from the blue pea flower.

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Pork Satay with Pressed Rice (Nasi Impit)

As a Malaysian we all know what satay is, that little chunks of marinated meat threaded onto a bamboo skewers and served with a super delicious peanut sauce! But the concern of grilling over the charcoal and leave a sooty deposits on the meat could leave it a much more unhealthy label on this cuisines. What if I tell you, you can make this much healthier way and more delicious?

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