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Thermomix® TM6


Get the World’s smartest all-in-one super kitchen machine, Thermomix® TM6, from this:


For TM6, you may only purchase ONE (1) unit per Order, and on its own. Cookbooks and other accessories will have to be ordered separately. Thermomix® TM6 is a modern culinary revolution. With an online recipe platform that is seamlessly integrated, your cooking experience is now up a notch. Explore over 50,000 recipes on Cookidoo®, and much more in our community and cookbooks. Thermomix® is more than a kitchen appliance – it’s an ever-expanding universe of recipes, online and offline communities and essential resources to help you get even more out of your Thermomix®. Whether it’s a vegan, vegetarian or meat-based meal, Thermomix® TM6™ can help people new to cooking by quickly and easily whip up delicious dishes that look and taste like they were cooked by professionals. The award winning Cookidoo® recipe platform pre-installed in TM6, giving users complete access to the world’s biggest recipe library. With the ever-growing recipe database from across the globe, Cookidoo® provides unlimited inspiration and ideas for daily cooking with step-by-step detailed instructions. Owners who prefer to flip through beautiful food photography for inspiration can opt to check out Thermomix® cookbook collections.

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