I am Villett T. If you know me, I always find a modern, convenient and efficient way to replace a traditional way of doing things.

When it comes to cooking healthy delicious and made-from-scratch food while taking care of a toddler without helping hands. I need to cook smarter, not harder — to survive in this motherhood. There are more than 70,000 recipes on cookidoo for me to meal plan! Yes, it’s daunting to think of what to cook today!

Although I’m passionate about #thermomix, I’m not gonna lie, it certainly can’t replace everything, and it’s not going to complete your cleaning either. But it definitely made everything easier and quicker!

I use Thermomix as my second set of hands in the kitchen, a high-skilled, precise, and multi-tasking robot chef. Sometimes I carry my baby and cook with one hand without worrying about hot water splashing or fire burning onto my baby. I can continue playtime with him while Thermomix is stir-frying my vegetable. Or even cook a soup without burning the pot/house! (Yup I almost burn my house using the stove last time)

Slowly it becomes the head chef of my kitchen, I’m just the assistant to hand in the ingredients!

I love it and as much as I love to work independently in showcasing this super machine appliance, so I joined as advisor. I have spent less time in kitchen, more quality time with my child without compromising their little belly.

If you would like to own a Thermomix / even earn a FREE Thermomix contact me, I hope it can help you to cook smarter 😉 

❤️ Villett T.